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How to Avoid Size Discrimination in the Fashion Industry

If you haven’t heard about size discrimination in the fashion industry, you’re not alone. It’s a problem that’s plagued the industry for many years. Fashion designers have been accused of using models of different sizes as clothing hangers, which is not what the fashion industry wants to hear. So how can size discrimination be avoided? Read on to find out how you can make your wardrobe more inclusive.

One way to avoid size discrimination in the fashion industry is to wear clothes that flatter your figure. It’s an unfortunate fact that the fashion industry doesn’t cater to plus-sized women, but it’s not always the fault of the industry. Plus-size women often face discrimination and body image issues, and they need more options to feel beautiful and confident. It’s crucial that clothing labels and fashion designers take the time to make plus-size-friendly designs.

Despite the widespread size discrimination in the fashion industry, more brands are embracing size inclusivity. Although many companies have tried to introduce size-inclusive sizing, they still fail to consider the needs and bodies of plus-size women. By embracing plus-size women, these brands can make clothes that are more flattering and won’t harm their image or self-esteem. However, it’s still a start.

To combat size discrimination, brands must make inclusive sizing a core philosophy of their brand. Size inclusion means more than just including sizes 18 and smaller women. A recent study by Euromonitor found that nearly 42% of women in the US wear size 14, and brands that cater to these customers are no longer referring to these sizes as “plus.”

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