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How to Dress For Your Body Type and Age

Knowing how to dress for your body type and age is extremely important. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing your proportions is essential for dressing accordingly. Wearing the right kind of clothing will accentuate your best features and hide less appealing ones. Body types are different for each woman, and there is no right or wrong one. Rather, these are just classifications that can help you look more attractive. Below are some helpful tips.

The first tip for women with this body type is to avoid clothing that draws attention to their top. That means no chunky jewelry or bright scarves! A tailored jacket is a great solution. Since dresses are challenging for this shape, Melanie recommends wearing tailored pants or straight skirts. Alternatively, a jacket and skirt combo can give you a sleeker look and match your unique proportions. While these are just some of the general guidelines, they can help you find the perfect outfit!

Understanding your body type will give you the confidence to shop for the right clothing. A good outfit will balance your proportions and give you more opportunities to add accessories. The right outfit will make you look great, and will also boost your self-esteem. You should also be aware of the latest trends, as fashion and tastes change over time. If your body shape or age changes, you may need to reassess your wardrobe and seek professional advice.

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