3 Ways to Get Snowballs Out of Your Puppy’s Fur

Fun and games in the snow will come to an end when your little pupper is covered in snowballs all over. Once you return home, you may have to attend to wet floors and a dog reeling in pain and discomfort.

The major downside of your pet pooch frolicking in the snow is that the ice balls can get matted in the fur. Cleaning up the mess might seem easy, but it may not always be the case. Brushing off can be challenging when you have a hairy breed like Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Pekingese, and many others.

Suppose the snow contains toxic chemicals or is dirty; it can cause skin irritation, allergies, toxic poisoning, and other health issues in your four-legged companion on coming in contact with it or when it accumulates in the fur. Consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs to deal with medical emergencies like this and several others.

The best pet insurance can cover a canine’s testing, treatment, and medications during accidental injuries, specific illnesses, dental, and much more. Contemplate purchasing a policy so getting medical help in needy times of health need not be a significant economic challenge. In the meantime, read this article to learn some hacks to remove snowballs from your puppy’s hair.

Hack #1


This should be the first thing a puppy parent must consider when trying to get the pesky snowballs out of dog fur. The ease of brushing largely depends on the type of fur a dog has.

For instance, short-haired breeds are comparatively easier to brush off and may not have as many snowballs hidden inside the fur, to begin with. Consider using an efficient, gentle brush made of rubber or a curry comb to eliminate the snow debris.

As a first step, delicately shake the coat to break up as many snowballs as possible. This may not be easy in the case of a puppy with long hair, and the ice can make the matting and tangles much worse. Being gentle and patient is essential to remove the ice safely without causing much discomfort to your furry baby.

Start brushing from the hair ends and slowly proceed towards the skin. Pull at the mats carefully; you can use a slicker brush to untangle them. Be double careful not to hurt your dog while combing if the brush bristles are tough.

Hack #2

Wipe off using warm towels, blankets, or clothes

This is an effective solution to get those frozen water balls out of the fur. Heat is the best antidote to treat cold. So, take those warm clothes or towels, wrap your little pupper in them, and watch how the stuck snowballs melt away.

Hack #3

Turn the hair dryer ON

You can try using a hair dryer to get the same results. Do this before brushing out your dog’s fur for the best results. Let it be on a low setting, check if the equipment makes any noises, and observe how comfortable your puppy feels while you use it for drying.

Try the hacks mentioned above but pay attention to your puppy’s comfort level at all times. Should your pet react abnormally after licking snow or playing with it, it is probably time for a vet visit. Timely treatment can help resolve issues related to toxic poisoning.

Consider having pet insurance for dogs so you don’t have to think twice about getting your canine medical help during such situations. The best pet insurance comprehensively covers a furry baby’s health, so contemplate purchasing a policy.

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