4 Common Forms of Sexual Harassment in Charlotte

Sexual harassment is not a new concept. It has been a part of the human condition for thousands of years and has only changed in terms of how it is defined by society. Harassment can come in multiple forms and easily be misconstrued. 

Sexual harassment at workplaces can create a hostile environment. The victim may fear for their safety, and work performance might be affected as a result. This can affect the ability to perform their duties, ultimately leading to decreased productivity, stress, and depression. That makes it essential to consult a Charlotte sexual harassment lawyer if you are being sexually harassed at your workplace.

This post will highlight some common forms of sexual harassment in Charlotte.

  • Derogatory comments of sexual nature or based on gender

Sexual harassment occurs when employees are subjected to derogatory comments of a sexual nature or based on gender. Such comments can be made by superiors, co-workers, or sometimes even customers. If you are a victim of such comments, this might gradually affect your productivity at work. So, the sooner you report the incident, the better. A sexual harassment lawyer can help you if you don’t know how to move legally against such incidents.

  • Comments about clothing, personal behavior, or a person‘s body

Apart from the type of comments mentioned above, sexual harassment can also occur when comments are made about a person’s clothing, behavior, or body. This type of comment is usually accompanied by a sense of disrespect, which can be difficult to ignore. Making comments of this nature is considered unprofessional behavior and should not be tolerated in any workplace.

  • Patting, grabbing, or pinching one‘s body

In addition to the instances mentioned above, sexual harassment can also arise when persons are subjected to unauthorized touching or pinching of their bodies. In cases such as these, a sexual harassment lawyer can help you seek legal recourse for your case.

  • Obscene phone calls

This type of sexual harassment occurs when either a superior or a co-worker makes obscene or threatening phone calls. This can often lead to other forms of threats and intimidation that can have serious implications for the victim. In such cases, it is essential to protect and keep your personal information private. If you think you are a victim of this type of sexual harassment, we recommend you contact a sexual harassment lawyer for legal guidance.

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