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5 Reasons Why Cotton Bed Sheets Are The Best!

In a world full of options, making choices can always be overwhelming – even if that choice is about simple bed covers. People often prioritise aesthetics over fabric which eventually leads to utter discomfort and disappointment.

When it comes to bed sheets, you cannot go wrong with plain old cotton sheets. Its quality is remarkable, and no other fabric can win over it. That’s not all, though.

Here are 5 reasons why cotton bed sheets are the most wonderful!

1. Incredibly soft against your skin

Bed covers that have undergone a few washes often become rough and raggedy. Well, not cotton bed covers! They remain gentle and smooth despite being washed over and over.

Cotton is a loosely knit fabric that is soft and is ideal for individuals who prefer to have stretchable covers while asleep. Moreover, this softness does not come with a slippery texture, much like any other cheap silk cover, which can be pretty annoying.

Lastly, cotton is much better than synthetic material, ensuring that your sensitive skin is safe and secure.

2. High breathability

One cannot ignore the importance of breathable bed covers. Without that, your sheets will not soak sweat, leaving you all drenched on summery nights.

Cotton is easily the most breathable fabric ever – it allows air to easily pass through, keeping your body sweat-free, comfortable and relaxed. All the dust particles and allergens also pass through the sheets, preventing sneeze breakouts. It’s perfect for people suffering from allergies.

3. Easy maintenance

Synthetic bed covers have genuinely revolutionised the textile industry for the better. That said, it requires a lot of time and effort to maintain them properly. They are susceptible to washing, heating, wringing, etc.

On the other hand, all these troubles are nil regarding cotton bed covers. You can throw it in for a quick machine wash without any worries. Any regular detergent would also work!

Although, if you want to preserve the gentleness of your cotton fabric, wash the sheets separately and tumble dry them at low temperatures. Then, let them air dry on a line. You do not have to iron them to make them look elegant, although it wouldn’t hurt.

Do not use bleach, though!

4. Durability

No other fabric comes close in terms of durability and sustainability except cotton. Bed covers crafted of 100% cotton have great longevity and their fabric thread breaks apart a lot less than other blended fabrics.

These sheets can easily last for around 6-8 years, thus granting sustainability.

5. Attractive prints

The level of versatility that a cotton bed cover offers is simply unmatched. You will find a wide range of options with beautiful designs and alluring colours, so you can pick sheets that match your wall colours and room décor.

Moreover, it’s scientifically proven that bed sheet colours can be instrumental in achieving good sleep. It’s better known as colour therapy!

Buying covers with pastel, white, and cream colours will make your environment more serene and relaxing. White sheets, especially, are very calming in nature and symbolise opulence. Purple and pink can signify romance and love. While shades of yellow, blue and red are associated with relaxation, energy and happiness.

So, choose wisely!

Wrapping up

When choosing bed covers for your room, it’s essential to consider the suitable fabric. You can select any material – it’s your personal preference. That said, cotton is hands down the most comfortable bed cover fabric.

It suits every weather condition, has a high thread count, and has exclusive quality. It’s soft on your skin, lets you have a sweat-free sleep, comes with an extended range of options, is very durable and can be easily maintained.

No reason why it shouldn’t be your first choice!

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