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Difference Between Quilt, Duvet, and Comforter

When it comes to making our bed comfortably, there are many options. Besides different mattresses, pillows, and bedsheets, there are quilts, duvets, and comforters. All these three are the topmost layer of a bed. Often, a quilt cover goes on top of all the layers of the bed like a giant pillowcase.

While these terms are often used interchangeably, each type has significant differences. We will discuss different types to give you an idea of each and to help you make the right choice.

What is a Quilt?

A quilt serves a different purpose. It can keep you warm while you sleep or cover the bed during the day.

Quilts come in various styles and shapes, and what sets them apart from other bed coverings is their layerings. Quilts are made from three layers of fabric stitched together using a unique technique. The top and bottom layers are made from cotton, and the middle layer contains thick fabric to provide warmth. It derives its name from the stitching pattern called ‘quilting’, which attaches all the layers of fabric.

The stitching follows patterns like crisscross, free motion, straight lines, and other patterns. These stitching patterns create unique designs, like geometrical or symmetrical. Some natural scenery, like plants and the environment, are also depicted on a quilt.

Today, quilts are not just hand-stitched but also made by machines.

Because of their unique designs, quilts also serve decorative purposes. They are used in photo frames and as wall hangings.

Quilt covers are generally used to cover the quilts. They come in solid colours as well as unique designs.

What is a Duvet?

There is not much difference between a quilt and a duvet. In most countries, a quilt is referred to as a duvet and vice versa.

Duvets also come in three layers, like quilts. But the top and bottom fabrics are not as colourful as quilts and do not come in ornate designs. However, unlike the different layers of a quilt, the middle layer of a duvet is filled with feathers or wool. This gives them a fluffy appearance.

Duvets also come in duvet covers, which are colourful and often have unique patterns.

While quilts can keep you warm while sleeping, duvets are only used as bedding.

What is a Comforter?

Comforters are thicker than quilts and duvets. As a result, they provide extra warmth when you sleep. They are usually stuffed with cotton or polyester stuffing. To keep the distribution of the fill even, they are not stitched on the top and only around the outer edge.

Comforters do not have any unique patterns or woven fabrics on the top layers like quilts. The front and back look the same except for a few simple designs.

It is usually like a quilt cover containing fillings and does not need any cover.

How To Make a Choice?

Choose your fabric depending on the varying levels of warmth, versatility, and preference. Duvets and quilts give an elegant appearance to the room.

If you want something simple that does not require much care, go for comforters. If you do not like anything heavy and want something for a light winter, go for quilts. Duvets are ideal for individuals living in colder regions. Find the ideal covers for your home.

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