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The latest version of Apple Siri, iOS 10.2, was released on October 19th, and has brought with it a number of changes. One of the biggest changes, is that users will now be able to choose their preferred voice from a list of 16 different languages. In addition, the default female voice is no longer present, and a gender-neutral voice has been added.

Default female voice is gone

Apple’s Siri, the virtual assistant that powers iOS devices, is no longer tied to a gendered voice. For many years, the default voice on Siri was female. However, in recent months, Apple has taken steps to change that. It will no longer make the female voice its default, a move that is in line with the company’s commitment to diversity.

Until now, users could change the voice that Siri uses by going into settings and selecting their preferred option. If they weren’t satisfied with the new voice, they could return to the old one.

Today, Apple is introducing two new voices for Siri that are meant to be more diverse. These new voices will be available to users worldwide. They will be run through the company’s Neural text-to-speech engine, resulting in a more conversational speech pattern.

Gender-neutral voice is added

The new gender-neutral voice for Siri is part of Apple’s commitment to diversity. In April of last year, the company added two voices, both recorded by Black actors, to its voice library.

This new voice is now available in the beta version of iOS 15.4. The new voice is called Voice 5 and can be set on any Apple device.

The new voice sounds more gender-neutral than the previous English-speaking options. It also offers users a variety of accents. However, some users may find it hard to distinguish between the male and female voices.

As with the other voices, the new voice relies on Neutral Text to Speech technology. This allows it to use natural sounds to speak maru gujarat.

According to Apple, the voice is being tested as part of the beta release of iOS 15.4. But, there are no further details about it.

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Users can ask Siri informational queries and those requiring real-time information

Siri is a digital personal assistant that enables users to perform tasks by voice. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt to the user’s preferences.

Siri’s capabilities vary depending on the device and platform. For instance, Siri can schedule meetings, send messages, and call emergency contacts. In addition, it can translate conversations with the Translate app. The assistant can be paired with a home speaker, such as the HomePod, to provide information on weather, traffic, and other relevant topics.

Siri is an integrated part of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. To use Siri, you need a compatible Apple device. You can find out if your device supports Siri by checking its System Preferences screen.


Siri is also integrated into many other Apple devices. These include the Apple Watch, the iPod, and the Mac this is the secret business ideas to get you started as an entrepreneur hobigame.



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